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"I wanted to thank you personally for the powerful witness of the story that you shared at our Women's Retreat.  I heard from several of the women that you did a marvelous job.  Thanks for your faithful joy and witness."

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"Cynthia's enthusiasm, humor and candid style helps attendees share experiences, have a great time learning and put ideas to work when they leave your conference. She's known for the ability to share her message with humor and give your attendees a lot to think about."

Whether hiking, asking loads of questions, identifying good customer service or talking Facebook, Cynthia is a speaker who encourages attendees to have fun - while developing skills in relationship marketing, customer service, social networking, leadership, and community engagement. Known as a one who gets people out of their seats, Cynthia develops a scope just for your organization to hit the hot items for discussion, motivate the attendees and give them tools to implement when they leave your meeting.

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Servant Leadership                                                                   Just Do It

Leaner Does It                                                                            Put It In Perspective

Let's Get Social                                                                           Setting Social Goals

Volunteer Board                                                                         Yes Is the New Know

 Do As He Tells You to Do                                                          I'll Get It                                                              

Cyn Elder

Storyteller, Writer, Influencer
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HOMETOWN: Fancy Farm, Kentucky

Review of "It Don't Take No Mental Heavyweight to Figure It Out"

"I read a lot of "success" books, because I like to keep myself motivated and on track.  What I like about this one is how honest the author is about her own life.  The book is written in a folksy and personal way, and it is almost like reading a diary.  There were times during the ready for me that felt like I was violating her privacy.  She really puts herself out there, and I think that is one of the things that makes a good teacher.  She approaches the subject of being a success in life by talking about her specific dreams, her insecurities, her victories, and even her failures.  Her religious and spiritual beliefs come out a lot in the writing.  I don't hold her specific religious beliefs, but I do see the importance of it.  She doesn't claim to have arrived, and she doesn't lecture about what the reader should be doing with their lives.  She talks about what she has done, is doing, and needs to do.  I was able to relate to that.  There were times when I felt she was describing me and my life.  I think the information here is valuable.  I didn't see a lot of new ideas on the subject of successful living, but I loved the way the old ideas were presented in a new way."

"This was an awesome read!  Quick and to the point, things we all need to be reminded of!  Thank you!

"I enjoyed the book.  I laughed, snickered, and thought, "hmmmmm.  She might be onto something."  As I read the book, I felt as if the author and I were having a conversation over a cup of coffee.  Thanks for writing and I hope you fulfill your goals."

"There are 100's and 1000's of books to "teach you about success", but this book just reminds you of good 'ole common sense!!  It is very detailed, and I felt like I was sitting down with the author, at the kitchen table, talking about LIFE.  It is easy to read, easy to understand, and I walked away with a smile on my face."