Cyn Elder

Storyteller, Writer, Influencer
‚ÄčSpeaking & Training
HOMETOWN: Fancy Farm, Kentucky
EMAIL: cynelder@me.com

Everyone knows that Cynthia has passion.  She has passion for her family, her faith, her farm, her community and her creativity.  Cynthia has been a solid force in her community encouraging locals and visitors to the area through family histories and tradition.  She is blessed to be an integral part of Fancy Farm, Kentucky, and strives to continue their tradition of hospitality and faith.  This diversity is evident in her blog: faith+farm+family.  Her humor is evident in her writing-style, ala Erma Bombeck, and the stories that she tells.  Cynthia delivers training programs and motivational keynotes in a matter-of-fact style that is sure to encourage and entertain.


With over 25 years in the industrial air compressor market Cynthia has worked with numerous companies in providing quality air compressor parts but also in training in customer service and B2B relationship marketing.  Additionally Cynthia has worked since 2010 with her marketing firm, Marketing Chicks LLC, in providing marketing assistance to small start-up companies, government organizations and non-profits.  Additionally, Cynthia assists the family farm, Elder Jersey Farm, in feeding, planting and management.

A Woman of Passion

Passion and enthusiasm.  It's not something you learn, it's something you develop.  With years of experience, the wisdom that goes with people watching and the years of problem solving have enabled Cynthia the ability to sustain more enthusiasm and passion than she needs.  Luckily she is willing to share.  Cynthia has used her passion and enthusiasm to help develop her communities of Fancy Farm and Graves County.  Additionally, she is passionately involved in her church and other organizations in the community.

Cynthia started early with her passion.  Even before high school she was involved in her community by volunteering with the Red Cross Youth programs.  She was involved with their Leadership Development Center as a camper first, and then on staff.    This passion has followed her throughout her life.


You can't pinpoint a topic that Cynthia will write about.  Sometimes she writes about current events, sometimes she writes about memories and how they pertain to her life today, but always she writes about her family, her community, and her faith.

Cynthia has written 4 books: 

                                    Fancy Farm Living is the Life for Me 

                                    It Don't Take No Mental Heavyweight to Figure It Out 

                                    Why I Named You After My Daddy 

                                    A Lenten Journal. 

She has also edited the Catholic settlement, The History of St. Jerome Catholic Church.


One of Cynthia's passions is in the people around her.  She will work tirelessly encouraging and helping people around her to reach their full potential.  She doesn't consider herself a match-maker but she has been instrumental in helping people around her to find their next project or career move.  She has also been instrumental in influencing others in finding some of the best products for business efficiency and promotion.

Connect with Cynthia today.

            Contact Cynthia to learn more about her keynotes, training, consulting, or writing. You can also check out Faith+Farm+Family or connect with @cynelder on Twitter and Instagram and Cynthia Pierce Elder on Facebook.